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Find out why residents and business owners in and around Montgomery, TX trust America's Cleaning Solutions for all of their interior and exterior cleaning needs.
“After using several different cleaning company's in the past, I have found America's Cleaning Solutions to be the very best. They go above and beyond to make sure things are done right the first time. I highly recommend them for any of your cleaning needs.”
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The highest rated cleaning company around.

America’s Cleaning Solutions is an interior and exterior cleaning company, providing both commercial and residential cleaning services to Montgomery, TX and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves in our passion for cleaning and having a positive impact on our community. With over 600 loyal customers, our success has made it so we are able to give free services to first responders, teachers, and veterans, while providing meaningful career opportunities for locals.

Choosing America’s Cleaning Solutions doesn’t mean you’re just choosing a cleaning company – you’re also giving back to your community.

Our Services

Exterior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning

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Exterior Cleaning Services

Roof Cleaning – Soft Washing

Are there green or black spots covering your roof? Those aren’t just dirt or grime, they’re actually harmful living organisms that use your roof as food! As an important structural part of your home or building, roof repairs and replacements can be very costly. A great way to prolong the life and health of your roof is by having it regularly cleaned, with a low pressure method called soft washing.

Soft washing is a type of pressure washing that is best used for delicate surfaces, like your roof or vinyl siding. This type of pressure washing uses low water pressure combined with safe and effective cleaning solutions to remove fungus, algae and mold from your roof’s surface.

Our team of background-checked technicians are expertly trained and use the best equipment around to make sure your roof gets the care and attention it deserves. After our team wraps up, you’ll be amazed at the difference a good soft washing can make for your home or building’s curb appeal!

House Washing – Soft Washing

Has the exterior of your home or office building seen better days? Is there a ton of dirt and grime buildup on your vinyl siding or brick exterior? America’s Cleaning Solutions is here to bring back life into your home or office building! Soft washing is a great way to safely and effectively clean the outside of your property, so it can look it’s best and last a long time too.

Similar to our approach to roof soft washing, our expert technicians will use low pressure water combined with safe, yet effective, cleaning solutions to bring a sparkle back to your home or commercial building. Your building will never have looked better after our team at America’s Cleaning Solutions is done with it!

Concrete Cleaning – Pressure Washing

Are your concrete walkways or driveways laden with stains and streaks from years of neglect? We understand that cleaning these areas can be quite a big task and therefore not a high priority, which is why America’s Cleaning Solutions is here to take that chore off your hands! 

Our team of expert pressure washing technicians uses their years of knowledge and our state of the art equipment to provide a top quality cleaning of your concrete surfaces. Our pressure washing service removes mold, algae, moss and other contaminants from your driveway or walkway, while also removing stubborn stains. You’ll be shocked to see how much of a difference a concrete cleaning can make when it comes to the curb appeal of your home or business.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At America’s Cleaning Solutions, we take pride in our work – but if there is ever a case where you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll fix the issue at your earliest convenience.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters are not only an eyesore, they can potentially become harmful to the structure of your home! Blocked gutters and drains can cause water to build up places where it shouldn’t be, causing irreparable damage to your home’s foundation. Contact America’s Cleaning Solutions today so we can get your gutters flowing freely tomorrow!

Window Cleaning

When you live in beautiful Montgomery, TX and the surrounding areas, you want to be able to look outside your home without having your view blocked by streaks and spots on your windows. Our team of professional cleaners know when extra elbow grease is needed, and as with our pressure washing services, they also know when a gentle touch is more called for. We approach your windows with care and attention and give them a streak-free clean so clear, so you can look out of them without even realizing they’re there!

“We were very pleased with the prompt service that we received. The pricing was straightforward and honest and they did not try to upsell every small little thing. The two gentlemen that showed up to the house were very professional and kind and had great respect for our property.I would highly recommend them and already have to several people. I also have several other projects I will be calling them to come take a look at for me.”
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Interior Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Do you remember the smell and fresh, soft feeling of a brand new carpet? Do you miss having a stain and odor-free carpet to wiggle your toes in? We understand how great it feels, and smells, to have clean carpets and are here to help make that a reality! Our cleaning experts are well versed in both interior and exterior cleaning, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most knowledgeable and experienced cleaners around. 

Having your carpets cleaned regularly can help prolong their life and beauty. If you’re looking for reliable and professional carpet cleaning services to help bring some freshness back into your home or business, look no further! Contact us today by tapping one of the buttons below:

We’re fully insured & certified for your peace of mind and your property’s safety.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

It’s not a secret that the tiled areas of our homes and businesses tend to get less attention when it comes to home or office maintenance. Grimy grout lines can go unnoticed or not taken care of for years, especially since it is such a laborious chore! At America’s Cleaning Solutions, we’re here to help give you more free time to focus on what’s important, rather than scrubbing your tiled floors. You can trust our team of cleaning technicians to get your tile back to sparkling clean!

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floors can be absolutely stunning when they are properly cleaned and taken care of. Here at America’s Cleaning Solutions, we’re well equipped to give your wood floors the care and attention they deserve. Regular cleaning of wood floors can help keep your home look beautiful round the clock and increase the longevity of your wood floors. No matter how dirty or neglected they may be, we’ll be able to bring them back to a shiny and clean existence with a top-quality clean and polish!

Commercial Janitorial

At America's Cleaning Solutions, we help ensure that your property maintains a high standard of cleanliness for your employees and customers. Our Commercial Janitorial cleaning service does just that. We can work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruption for your staff and customers.

Pest Control & Prevention

America's Cleaning Solutions is the number one provider for pest control services in Montgomery county. With over 25 years of combined experience, we are confident in our process of pest control against spiders, roaches, silver fish, ants, rodents, and more. Do you find yourself often googling "pest control near me?" Look no further because once you try our pest control service, you'll quickly fall in love.

We are able to offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly pest control treatments plans for every budget.

Do you need Residential pest control or Commercial pest control in Montgomery county? Call today for your free pest control estimate!

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is essential. Just like carpets, air ducts can be a gathering place for pet dander, dust bunnies, lint, and other particles that can accumulate in your home. As all this grime and dirt collects in your air ducts, serious health hazards could develop, significantly affecting those with respiratory elements such as allergies or asthma.

How much time do you spend in your home or business? Have you realized the importance of a clean air home or business? Americas Cleaning Solutions offers an effective air duct cleaning process that will have your home or business fresh in no time!

We can clean air ducts in a way to remove all dust, bacteria, and odor from the duct system. Not only does the vent cleaning improve the air quality in your home or business, but it also restores capacity and efficiency. Call America’s Cleaning Solutions today for commercial and residential air duct cleaning services in Montgomery county! We have been trusted for over seven years as the leading local company that provides excellent and trustworthy service! Check out our reviews!

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Our Story

Our company started with a dream bigger than just becoming a cleaning company – it started with the desire to make a positive impact in our community. Through our passion, hard work, and dedication, we've gotten America's Cleaning Solution to over 600 loyal customers and 130 five star reviews. This success allows us to offer free services to first responders, teachers, and veterans, and at the same time providing meaningful employment opportunities for members of our local community.

As a local, family-owned cleaning company, we pride ourselves on providing honest, high-quality customer service and products. This dedication to customer service is what has helped us become the success we are today – just  read what our customers have to say! As a family-owned and community-oriented business, we treat our customers as if they were part of our family, and we hope to add you to the America's Cleaning Solutions family too.

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